Mentoring FAQs

  1. What is mentorship?

Mentorship is another way of saying discipleship.  Mentoring is when a more skilled or experienced person serves as a role model to a less skilled to promote the latter’s development.  Mentorship is not only restricted to a spiritual sense, but is also found in other important areas of life such as career mentorship or a relationship/dating mentorship.

  1. I don’t think I have anything to bring to a mentoring relationship so why should I sign up?

There is a saying that is applicable to this: “Everyone has been young before, but not everyone has been old before”.  We believe that everyone has something to bring to the table as some of us has experienced something that someone else may experience soon one day.  If you are on the fence in this, we encourage you to continue to reflect on your own life and identify areas that God can use you to share your experiences to someone less experienced!

  1.     How will the decision process to selecting a mentor and mentee pairing look like?

First, we will see if the mentor listed someone in particular that they want to mentor or if the mentee listed someone that they want to be mentored by.  If that is not applicable, we will determine based on the type of mentorship (spiritual, career, relationship, marriage, etc.), on the age group that that the mentor would be interested in mentoring and the pairings will be same gender.

  1.     What is the purpose of the optional 4-week Mentorship Discussions?

The purpose of these discussions is in bringing potential mentors together to discuss the idea of mentorship in a deeper level.  This will also be a time where mentors can share their experiences and to learn from one another.  There will be a discussion guide that will be followed to facilitate the discussion.

  1.     What happens after the 3-month period is over?

After the minimum 3-month period is over, both the mentor and mentee can discuss if they wish to continue this mentorship relationship.  If they decide to continue, the mentor will notify their accountability coach and the relationship can continue for another 3 months (or can be extended longer if both the mentor and mentee decides to continue longer).  This cycle will then continue until both the mentor and mentee decides to not continue.

  1.     What about those that are minors (those under 18 years old) that want to be mentees? How will you protect them?

We have prepared a couple of ways to protect the minors:

  • We will require every mentor that is paired with a minor to obtain a police vulnerability check;
  • We will require the parents of the minor to submit a parental consent form;
  • We will have Rev Tina to handle any potential issues that arises between a mentor and mentee.