As we stream our church services online, we encourage our brothers and sisters to not simply be viewers, but active participants in worship. Please find some suggestions for engaging with our live streams below:

  1. Sunday service is time we set apart for worshiping God, so let’s be dressed for the occasion.
  2. If possible, join us by enabling video on your devices, so that we can see each other and experience gathering together.
  3. Treat online worship services the same way you treat in-person worship services. Focus on worship, and avoid distractions like making and eating breakfast, doing work, or video chatting.
  4. Please rise during the Call to Worship, Worship, the Doxology, and the Benediction.
  5. Offering is a part of a believer’s thankful response to God. When we can meet in person again, we will bring our offering to church. In the meantime, continue to prepare offering.
  6. Each week after Sunday service, you are welcome to stay connected to the live stream to greet other brothers and sisters in attendance.